Linking Workers to Job Opportunities in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Through the 2000s, the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana tri-state area faced a shortage of workers equipped with the skills to match the labor demands of Greater Cincinnati area employers. Unemployment in the region was at 8.6 percent, and 50 percent of the workforce lacked the necessary post-secondary education and training to meet the skills needed by regional employers. This included a mix of hard and soft skills in key industries including advanced manufacturing, information technology, construction, and health care. In response to this challenge, over 150 organizations from the business, community, non-profit, and public sectors united to create the Greater Cincinnati Workforce Network, now Partners for A Competitive Workforce (PCW), in 2008. This cross-sector collaboration provides resources to identify employer needs and connect workers to educational programs that help them develop the relevant skills, and facilitate worker readiness – ultimately linking job-seekers with entry-level employment in target industries. Incumbent workers also receive training that allows them to advance in their careers. Under the leadership of Executive Director Janice Urbanik, Partners for a Competitive Workforce is leading the effort to meet the communities’ Bold Goal for Income which is that 90 percent of the labor force has gainful employment by 2020. To learn more about this Intersector Case Study, click here.