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We believe that our region's long-term economic success depends on our ability to grow the skills of our workforce to meet the needs of our employers. We also believe that acheiving this bold mission requires the collective effort of many organizations coming together across sectors and across jurisdictions.  Our community has a rich history of collaboration to address our workforce challenges; indeed, collaboration has become our "new normal."  The following results represent a snapshot of the collective effort of many organizations working together over many years. 

> Creation of the Employers First Regional Workforce Network
In 2011, the four workforce boards that serve the tri-state region formalized a 10-year-old partnership by launching the Employers First Regional Workforce Network to coordinate workforce services for employers. Employers First provides a streamlined approach to deliver workforce solutions in response to employer needs without having to navigate the bureaucracies of dozens of programs.  As a first project, Employers First created a Training Portal to assist regional employers in locating training providers and local college and university graduates quickly and easily.​  To date, Employers First has reached more than 300 employers, with more than 50 accessing One Stop business services.

> Creation of Employer-Driven Career Pathways in Priority Industries
The Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati, led by four hospital systems, has been developing skilled healthcare workers for over ten years through career pathway training for frontline workers and jobseekers.  Based on this success, sector partnerships in advanced manufacturing and construction, both led by employers, have been working to address the workforce needs of employers in those industries for the last few years. 

> Leveraging Funds
Since 2008, we have leveraged more than $29M in public and private funds from local, state, and national sources towards our shared goals and strategies.  This includes $6M in philanthropic funds, $9M in state and federal grants, $12M in aligned training funds from the region's public workforce system, and $2M from employers.

Achieving Outcomes
Since 2008, served more than 6,100 individuals across three career pathway partnerships. Of that total, we served over 5,000 jobseekers with 90% completing training and earning over 4,600 credentials, and 82% obtaining employment and 75% retaining employment after 12 months. We also helped more than 1,000 incumbent workers develop their skills and earn over 950 credentials.  

Building Partnerships
More than 150 partner organizations are engaged in our initiatives from public, private, nonprofit sectors from across the tri-state region.

Collecting Common Data
Created a common, region-wide workforce data collection and reporting system to track results and improve performance. To date, approximately 50 public and nonprofit agencies are utilizing the system.  

> National Recognition
Our community's workforce efforts have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, the White House Council for Community Solutions, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, the National Skills Coalition, the Congressional Staff Workforce Network, Corporate Voices for Working Families, and the Aspen Institute's Sector Skills Academy.